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LUX Board-tile backer boards accessories

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Update time : 2023-06-26 16:05:03

 (1)Reinforcing fibre mesh tape 45m x  100mm

The tape is used to reinforce the joints between the boards and should be embedded into flexible tiles adhesive.

packing unit=2 rolls/bag

(2)Butyl tape 10 x 100mm

Connection of steel structure steel and cement gutter wall repair engineering, metal roofing, building and other outdoor waterproof and crack repair.

packing unit=2 rolls/bag

(3)Membrane 10m x 125mm

Sealing tapes are used to seal joints and feedthroughs.

packing unit=2 rolls/bag

(4)Waterproof membrane for inside-/outside corners

Preformed sealing corners will allow easily sealing of corners.

packing unit=2 coener/bag


Available made of zinc coated metal or plastic for strong and save mechanical fixing with screws or nails.

packing unit=2 pcs./bag

(6)Wall bracket

Wall brackets are used for connection boards on wall or floor.

packing unit=2 pcs./bag

(7)Joint brackets

Joint brackets are used to set two boards together on-line.

packing unit=2 pcs./bag

(8)LUX-PU Adhesive Sealant Cartridge

The LUX PU mastic adhesive bonding and sealant will guarantee a solid, fast, and perfect sealing for boards and accessories.

packing unit = 20 cartridges/carton