LUX BOARD-Stud(Partition)wall

Lots of modern buildings are made using timber or metal stud frames that are then lined with plaster board or wooden panels.
LUX board is the ideal alternative for lining such walls because unlike wood or plaster, LUX boards are fully waterproof making them perfect for wetrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. LUX boards also offer high thermal insulation that can benefit every room in the house by significantly reducing your heating loss.
LUX boards are suitable for plastering, tiling or even wallpapering when thick lining paper is used.

This system uses timer or metal studding designed to provide rigid support foe the board.The unsupported span of the framework depends on the thickness of the board to be affixed.All board edges must be supported.
Please note the following guide for thickness relating to stud work.
600 centres use 20mm board(or thicker)
400 cntres use 12mm board.
300 cntres use 10mm board(no thinner).
Use a steel screw and washer to fix the board to the framework at every 300mm
600 centre use 2 rows of 5 fixing(short board)
300 centre use 3 rows of 4 fixing(short board)
Check all boards are on a level an tightly fix to the framework.
Be sure to tape all joints with self-adhesive mesh ,and then coat a thin layer motar on the mesh surface.
If the area needs to be waterproof, be sure to tape corner and joints with professional waterproof tape replace self-adhesive.
The LUX board is now ready to be coverd.