LUX boards-Timber floors
LUX thermal construction boards provide excellent substrates for inerior floors.
When applied over a wooden substrate, LUX board act as a waterproof membrane and create a superior bonding surface for ceramic tile.
Make sure the timber floor is fully cured and free of debris, oil or waxes.        
Modified mortar, combed through with a notch trowel, will the provide a ribbed bed on which LUX boards will be laid.
LUX boards are laid into the mortar, all boards are dislocation arrangement.
After the mortar has set, use a steel screw and washer to fix the board to the timber floor at every 300mm. Make sure the screws embed into the floor by at least 30mm.
Short boards-3 rows of 4 fixings(1 inch in from the edges)
Tape all joints with self-adhesive mesh in dry areas.Waterproof tape to be appiled over all joints if a waterprrof installation is required. 
Set you tile now.