LUX BOARDS-Wash table

Fiber cement boards are heavy and it absorb water easily, also the ordinary wood decay and mildew easily. But LUX board don’t have these weakness. Never building materials have so many advantages like LUX construction board. In wet areas you can design beautiful and practical products like furniture designers that only using LUX boards. Building a wash table, bench and niche in the bathroom, LUX board is the Olingen®-BEST choice.

It’s easy to bulid a wash table just use LUX Boards. Usually the thicker boards are comfortable, such as thickness is 50mm.You also can bond two pieces board  together .

First, cutting combined parts with cutting tool. If there is water or other installation accessories need to pass through the board you can make a hole on board.Cutting boards easily, even if only a knife, you can finish the work. We recommend cutting about 2cm depth splicing groove on the joints between two laywers of the board. The depth it depends on the thickness of boards, you also can do it use the LUX Boards under thickness of 6mm or 12mm. Then putting LUX boards into splicing groove and using PU glue to fix them. All combinational parts can be fixed firmly through using PU Glue. After glue turn solid completely,you can use self-adhesive to reinfore the joints.
Now tiling on surfaces.